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Selasa, 02 September 2014


The New President and the Continuity of …

8 jam lalu

“The world opinion is now zooming us like a laser beam. Many doubt if we can make a breakthrough. Many do not believe that we can. There are very few optimists. And ...

Kholida Widya
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Attention to : Mr. Lee Hsien Long - …

31 August 2014 16:27

Attention to : Mr. Lee Hsien Long The Singapore Administer. Cq : Bapak Dr. Indarto, DEA (Mechanical Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University). Bapak Marty Natalegawa (Indonesian Ministry of For...

Jimmy Holoang
Dibaca : 20

My Own Novel, Coming in Pieces (2)

30 August 2014 17:31

He then hurried everybody to get to the transit counter and then shown their tickets while having their bags checked. Of course Rory was worrying about his box-packed bicycle because he was ...

Romi Arkan
Dibaca : 8

Langkah Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan …

30 August 2014 11:49

Postingan ini bakal menuturkan langkah cepat belajar bhs Inggris dengan gampang. Ada sekurang-kurangnya 4 tips yang tingkatkan kemampuan bhs Inggris Anda. Tersebut disini langkah cepat belajar bhs In...

Pipit Ike
Dibaca : 20

London in a Day on Foot

30 August 2014 06:17

London trip! Two friends of mine invited me to visit London. We went there by Megabus. That was a nice bus, and I’ll recommend it to you. I paid £12 for my return ticket. ...

Fillia Damai R
Dibaca : 64

Morning Radio Talk In Xxxfm (One Of Radio …

29 August 2014 17:27

I listened to XXXFM (one of radio station in jakarta) at morning, and there’s this conversation: host: “So if you have to a chance to be forgiven, who would you ask the most?” woma...

Diana Fransisca
Dibaca : 14

The Thought of You

28 August 2014 16:59

Your eyes emitting sparkles of simple and easy.. You face reflecting your a tough man.. I’m Deeply touched by your gentleness your kindness connecting me with your inner soul seems soothing ...

Loved Blessed
Dibaca : 13

Why Restring Your Pearl Necklaces

28 August 2014 13:09

A gem is really a valuable investment and may be very expensive for many valid reasons. A gem could be worn with any style and passed down from down the family. It ...

Rinhoo Bellys
Dibaca : 5


27 August 2014 12:04

(I wrote this fiction story for the ASEAN Young Writers Award 2014 but sadly it didn’t win. I decided to post it here so everyone could enjoy!) ICE Ivana Monica It was a cold night. ...

Ivana Monica
Dibaca : 19

Sinergi untuk Energi Negeri

27 August 2014 10:50

Sinergi untuk Energi Negeri Sejarah kemanusiaan mencatat indahnya sinergi, harumnya kerjasama dan mulianya bergerak dalam suatu parade yang teratur. Kisah keberlanjutan pekerjaan akademisi kampus Fri...

Oki Murazza
Dibaca : 15

Sochi, Russia - Jewel in the Black Sea

26 August 2014 20:24

August 26th 2014 Just few days ago we arrived in Sochi. I never thought I would be able to step my feet in Russia. The visas, the political conflicts, etc. It’s just a ...

Wong Semarang
Dibaca : 15

A New Beginning of Love Story

26 August 2014 17:11

I have just received a divine message, “bholenath“, this fruit of intuition came after the word “Love” and “Cinta”. I knew it was an appellation to Shiva’s name hence, I do not ...

Niki Saraswati
Dibaca : 9

Mandala and The Third Iron Lady

26 August 2014 12:13

It really works! Our house helper and myself visited the laundry shop nearby, she’s a friend, we asked her to take the mandala iron lady challenge. At first she does not know ...

Niki Saraswati
Dibaca : 15

Cerpen “Bisikan Bombay”

26 August 2014 07:32

BISIKAN BOMBAY oleh: Trimanto Jantungku mulai berdegup kencang. Mataku menatap layar monitor tanpa berkedip. Detik demi detik aku menikmati sebuah pemandangan yang mampu membuat seluruh otot tubuhku ...

Abdullah Assalani
Dibaca : 40

The Silent Gods of Srivijaya (4)

26 August 2014 00:09

Disbelieving look was evident from the face of four Senapatis of Srivijaya that day. When Narendra’s Samudra Raksa docked at the port, a war council was immediately assembled. But all of the ...

Endri Irfanie
Dibaca : 20

Tugas Sosiologi

24 August 2014 18:13

KURIKULUM 2013 Pengalaman saya saat belajar dengan kurikulum 2013. Kurikulum 2013 lebih sulit di bandingkan dengan kurikulum sebelumnya, kurikulum sebelumnya lebih asik dan belajarnya juga santai, pul...

Richard Wijaya
Dibaca : 10

Life is a Puzzle (Coretan anak 12 tahun …

24 August 2014 11:53

Life is like a puzzle. It can only be solved by joining the right pieces together. The close ups and low angles show the significance of knowing your history and where you ...

Dibaca : 24

Things You Have To Know About Cooking

24 August 2014 10:49

Cooking is a skill that is very valuable. Home cooked food is delicious and nutritious. When you are baking pastry crusts, try increasing the cooking time a bit. Go past the usual pale ...

Nabilah Zunka
Dibaca : 22

Days in, days out….(For my two colleagues: …

24 August 2014 00:25

I start counting again, You start counting again, WE DO… Neil and Ferdi, do you count it too? It began from day one, two, three….with tears Then four, five, six….turned  to sick of anger and f...

Ayu Ranee
Dibaca : 8

A Dirty Glass Window

23 August 2014 12:35

A dirty window glass “if the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear as what it is”(William blake) Once time there was a couple moving inn to a new boarding house in densely ...

Arfanov Rachsky Keemava
Dibaca : 9


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