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Kamis, 18 Desember 2014


Flowers are the New Fashion Motif

4 jam lalu

Just when you think that fashion has had its fill of flowery designs, there’s more. They’re now making their presence felt in a burst of colours — as a cluster of petals ...

Sofia Aiston
Dibaca : 8

Human Resource Development

17 December 2014 17:17

Personnel management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that i...

Saepul Solihin
Dibaca : 11

Study The Definition of “Activist” Deeply

17 December 2014 10:07

Nowadays, the word “activist” is defined with lack of meaning by university student. When the students are asked what the definition of activist is, they will answer that activist is a university ...

Rahmat J
Dibaca : 6

The Design Of Visual Based Beverage …

17 December 2014 01:10

Abstract In this final project will be made a beverage ad format with 3D animation using camera tracking techniques. In this final project, will be emphasized on the tracking process to export the ...

Riyantoro Djati
Dibaca : 2

Pregnant Carrie Underwood glows in …

16 December 2014 12:55

Pregnant Carrie Underwood sported a golden glow before opening the American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville Monday night. The expecting 31-year-old rocked an asymmetrical white maternity gown l...

Sofia Aiston
Dibaca : 11

Learn to Live in Harmony from Disabilities

14 December 2014 07:19

Did you ever met a normal person? do you enjoy? that’s sentence appeared on Disability Rehabilitation Centres, Department of Psychology Universitas Surabaya. This sentences was’nt without purpose...

Indra Yadi
Dibaca : 6

Lack in Ethics

12 December 2014 15:22

This world is mostly filled with disorder in ethics today caused by lack in ethics. It is rooted in culture disorientation with various unaccustomed way to the fundamentals. A simple thing, for ...

Juan Karnadi
Dibaca : 8

Sambal Goreng Telur Puyuh

12 December 2014 15:13

Last Ramadan (September) I read article about food recipes that written by Budi Sutomo, a nutritionist. The image of food looks delicious. I wish I had time to cook. Finally, last week my ...

Aprilia Angles Hartami
Dibaca : 15

Curahan Hujan, Curahan Rahmat

11 December 2014 15:51

Hujan yang dirindukan mulai sering bertandang. Awas, jangan di kemudian hari dibenci keajekannnya karena engkau tak lagi rindu kepadanya. Hujan adalah rahmat Tuhan, mari berdoa dan bersyukur saat te...

Mohammad Nurfatoni
Dibaca : 14

Then Who Is Better? Prabowo or Jokowi?

11 December 2014 06:56

Each of you may answer one is better than another. But may be you think both of them are good but in a different way. Which one are you? I choose the second ...

Wicahyanti Pratiti
Dibaca : 173


10 December 2014 19:16

I filled out a form for a new job. I was so happy. I was accepted by them, to get a new job. I went out the door and walked towards my ...

Gabriel Fabiano
Dibaca : 12

What is Love? (Advice for Lady and Young Man)

10 December 2014 15:43

ADVICE TO LADY AND YOUNG MAN! Garry McGavick Sigge is a swedish man. He’s 53 years old, married to Indonesian woman from Papua and have 2 children (1 Daughter and 1 Son), ...

David Rohans Hutagaol
Dibaca : 20

It’s a Long Day Today

9 December 2014 18:39

Today i will continue what i have told you yesterday.  I and my sister stayed in Ngawi since we aged 5 years old. It is because of my mother and father have ...

Ary Setyobudi
Dibaca : 6

Neuroflexyn Forward Get With You

9 December 2014 15:41

I deprivation to Neuroflexyn forward get with you the 10 top actions planned by this inform, and then give a quick wordbook to inform the key language that you present discover statesman ...

Molden Billy
Dibaca : 11

Do Not Hold Onto Thing Too Tight!

9 December 2014 07:02

Do you ever feel your hand a bit poignant when you hold on a thing too tight?This is usually happened to an amateur golf player or a tennis player,like me,ahee..I experienced to ...

Wicahyanti Pratiti
Dibaca : 44

My First Time to Kompasiana

9 December 2014 00:52

Today, before i go to bed. I just wanna share you about who i am. I am Ary, i am originally from Ngawi, East Java. But since i aged 3, i and ...

Ary Setyobudi
Dibaca : 12

Indonesia can be Vulnerable to ISIS …

8 December 2014 14:36

As predicted previously, the government seems unaware of this critical situation, even though the previous government already underlined the danger of ISIS proliferation through the former Menkopolhuk...

Rafli Hasan
Dibaca : 24

jeff chang - cross the line

8 December 2014 09:10

Jeff Chang [Note: this post originally published at] Jeff Chang’s Cross The Line is my all-time favorite of Chinese pop song. What is yours? Since the beginning i...

Dibaca : 10

The Unfair Business Conduct In Indonesia …

8 December 2014 04:59

The results of this study indicate that the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering Law enforcement is more significant than it was previously considered. It is important to note that the results of ...

Febrian Arham
Dibaca : 12

Download Canon IP2770 Driver Printer

7 December 2014 14:55

Download Canon iP2770 Driver Printer – In this post, i will discuss about Download Canon iP2770 Driver With Sistem Operation or OS to Windows and Macintosh personal computer OS X Obtain. but ...

Review Smarthphone
Dibaca : 16


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