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Sabtu, 01 November 2014


Tendance Coiffure : Les Mèches Colorées, …

31 October 2014 14:35

Rose chamallow, bleu électrique, lavande ou rouge passion : les stars ne sont jamais en manque d’inspiration quand il s’agit de coloration. Si certaines vont jusqu’à oser le tie a...

Genevre Garreau
Dibaca : 1

The Gift

31 October 2014 09:20

Well, here is the story. Della and Jim young are a poor newly merried couple. Jim’s wage was enough to rent only a very small appartment. But there were two things of ...

Annisa Al-alawiyah
Dibaca : 6

Happy Birthday My Lady

31 October 2014 06:36

Dear my lady, Chaerani 8 years ago God made we met in a class, when we were junior high school. In there i met you for the first time. You’re a funny girl, ...

Yudi Firmansyah
Dibaca : 7

This is Our New Education Minister Biography!

30 October 2014 20:33

Puji Muzdalifah 1 menit · This is Our New Education Minister Biography ! Anies Baswedan Anies Rasyid Baswedan, Ph.D., is the current President of Paramadina University in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is...

Puji Muzdalifah
Dibaca : 16

Joko Widodo Cabinet After Three Days of …

30 October 2014 10:55

Sunday, 26 October 2014, was the most awaited day by most Indonesian people. There were two big events on that day. First was the announcement of the people who would fill up ...

Rangga Kresna
Dibaca : 13

To be or Not to be a Minister: The Case of …

30 October 2014 03:55

Wide controversy has arisen since the newly inagurated President Jokowi decided to choose Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti as a Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. Despite her undisputable achievements in b...

Gini Arimbi
Dibaca : 125

Who Are to Become Heroes Nowadays

27 October 2014 18:07

In the past days, even before Indonesia nation established, many men and women did ’spectacular’ acts, get wide acknowledgement and then become nation’s heroes today. One of them was...

Dibaca : 6

Do You Have A Problem with Bu Susi? I don’t

27 October 2014 16:07

After the announcement of the final Jokowi JK’s 34 ministers, public started to weigh on how this will impact on the development of the country. Some argue that the new government hasn’t ...

Jazz Muhammad
Dibaca : 149

Naya Rivera copie le style de Kim Kardashian …

27 October 2014 13:59

Depuis des mois, Naya Rivera est critiquée pour s’inspirer du style de Kim Kardashian. Récemment, la star de Glee saison 6 était presque le sosie de la femme de Kanye West. Un ...

Genevre Garreau
Dibaca : 3

The Death of Conversation & the …

26 October 2014 10:24

It’s been quite a while how some people worried that misleading behavior in using smart phones would only lead to the death of conversation. In such case… families, spouses, close friends, and ne...

Bekti Gojagie
Dibaca : 4

Lack in Ethics

25 October 2014 21:07

This world is mostly filled with disorder in ethics today caused by lack in ethics. It is rooted in culture disorientation with various unaccustomed way to the fundamentals. A simple thing, for ...

Juan Karnadi
Dibaca : 2


25 October 2014 21:04

What is the true peace? I still have not found the answer yet. All the things that happen in this wide world are mostly connected to hatred and pain. And after seeing ...

Juan Karnadi
Dibaca : 4

Learning Life from Naruto

25 October 2014 21:03

These years I particularly have been learning everything on life from “Naruto”, a very popular Japanese comic. The first thing is to listen to others and understand them as well. Therefore, I ...

Juan Karnadi
Dibaca : 10

Being Glad to Learn English

25 October 2014 21:00

Since I was at elementary school, my strength in learning English has been in grammar. I started to learn the grammar when I attended Talenta English course. I was taught all the ...

Juan Karnadi
Dibaca : 9

Top 13 SBI Branches in Kolkata with IFSC and …

25 October 2014 17:08

The SBI has 250 branches in Kolkata, here are the top branches. 1. Alipore SBI Alipore ifsc code is SBIN0000004 as per the information provided by RBI. SBI Alipore micr code is 700002002 as ...

Ajaharuddin Mohd
Dibaca : 2

Belajar Ungkapan (Idiom) Amerika - Part 7

25 October 2014 14:37

1. Gate-crash (Hadir tanpa undangan) Example : Jim was invited for Malik’s party, we haven’t got the invitation. so let’s gate-crash the party. 2. Have butterflies in one’s ...

Dibaca : 34

The Silent Gods of Srivijaya (7)

25 October 2014 14:29

Amretasari inspected the old Senapati from head to toe. This one is immortal. She has heard that Narendra has taken some arrows in The Battle of Indrapura. He was so badly injured—an injury ...

Endri Irfanie
Dibaca : 14

Pengalaman Sosiologi

25 October 2014 13:29

Sosiologi pertama kali mempelajari tentang contoh ilmu sosiologi yang membahas tentang suatu yang bisa dijelaskan dengan fakta tetapi menurut segelintir orang awam dianggap suatu yang mistis hal itu d...

Yusuf Aji Kusuma
Dibaca : 5

Belajar Ungkapan (Idiom) Amerika - Part 6

25 October 2014 07:19

Berikut ungkapan (idiom) dalam bahasa Inggris yang bisa dipelajari dan dipakai dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Ayo tingkatkan kemampuan bahasa inggris anda dengan memahami lebih banyak idiom. Happy lear...

Dibaca : 17

Dear Dad: You’d Be 67 If You Were …

25 October 2014 02:43

Dear Dad, I know I’ve already promised myself that I’d stop writing to you, only because some people out there think it feels like I haven’t really moved on. But you know what? ...

Ruby Astari
Dibaca : 12


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