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Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014


Beyond Problems

13 May 2010 17:25

Kneeling myself comfortably and trying hard not to think… I feel how good it is to be alive. Letting my heart fell free and affectionate, let it rise above and beyond beyond the details of ...

Gubrak Jabrik
Dibaca : 397

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

13 May 2010 15:39

I admit… I have no idea at first about the difference of the above sentences… I meant, both sentences means the same thing, right? There is only half volume of water in ...

Ria Tumimomor
Dibaca : 1082

Minority Interests

13 May 2010 02:17

As a born Muslim Javanese male living in Indonesia almost my entire life, being part of a majority is almost like a given. A second nature buried deep within my subconscious mind ...

Dibaca : 281

Kisah Inge: Mariska Lubis is Playing …

12 May 2010 10:41

Dear the audience of AMKM program in everywhere around the world… This time AMKM program performs a song request by Mariska Lubis, one of some magnificent Kompasianer. Whether you agree or disa...

Dibaca : 550

In the Jungle

12 May 2010 08:20

I think to most people, a life without or with minimal amount of conflict would be ideal. Some of us spend most of our life, trying to be neutral, not taking sides ...

Dibaca : 151

The Power of Me

12 May 2010 05:05

When I’m down, you become…the power of me When I feel exhausted after working hours, you become…the power of me When I’m lonely, you’ll be here with me, and become̷...

Safitry Wahyuni
Dibaca : 288

A Search For The Missing Soul

12 May 2010 03:19

Picture is taken from : Topic starter : Saturday, November 14, 2009 (6:19 pm) I’ve realized it now.. I don’t want to just do som...

Indah W.
Dibaca : 178

The One

11 May 2010 22:39

When i saw you for the firs time i know you where the one You didn’t say a wold to me,but love is in the air Then you held my hand and pulled me ...

Kine Risty
Dibaca : 470

Hey Gadis….

11 May 2010 21:00

Well, it’s an honor for me to hear this song from someone recently… But I know it will not stop there, they will still have another song for you… Just wait, they will ...

Dibaca : 207

Learn in Waiting

11 May 2010 17:46

If you heard the word “WAITING”, what is the first that cross your mind? 1. Oh my God, I have to spend another useless hours … what should I do now?! 2. What will ...

Ria Tumimomor
Dibaca : 488

Why, Why, Why!!!

11 May 2010 17:17

Why is ” why ” always big question in life. It seems like everyone wants to ask why about everything. We ask our parents when we were a little : why the ...

Nicky James
Dibaca : 181

From Barclona to Bibir then Cinta (3)

11 May 2010 12:01

Bagi sebuah organisasi, baik profit maupun nir-laba, logo bukanlah urusan main-main. Ia punya banyak makna, seperti soal spirit, cita-cita, dan citra. Maka, harus dipikirkan dengan serius. Ada kaidah-...

Good Things
Dibaca : 322

Indian Archipelago

11 May 2010 03:56

[That we HAVE from NUSANTARA] GEOGRAPHY *Indonesia consists of 17,508 islands, about 6,000 of which are inhabited. *The five largest islands are Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of ...

Tubagus Aryandi Gunawan
Dibaca : 401

Let’s Talk… Habe Ich Geheiratet?

11 May 2010 02:07

“Let’s talk”that what u always say,”about u n me.” “let’s reconcile” that what u always convey,”cause we’re meant to be” wasn’t ...

Rie_ Dbonjour76
Dibaca : 147

How Do I Put an RSS Feed on My Web Page

10 May 2010 13:33

There are tau RSS Feeds / Atom? This is the metadata technology which is currently very popular among users of Information Technology particularly on the Website and Blog. Almost the entire Web site...

Shadow Fox
Dibaca : 156

Geheimnis Can U Keep a Secret?

10 May 2010 11:43

Geheimnis..please don’t gimme another lie. Geheimnis..please dont make me down on knees n cry. ‘m start questioning why? Geheimnis..simply leave me alone,say ‘GoodBye...

Rie_ Dbonjour76
Dibaca : 120

Tips Belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan Berkesan

10 May 2010 08:57

1. Never Study A Single English Word That’s right, do not memorize words. Native speakers do not learn English by remembering single words. Native speakers learn phrases. 2. Never Study Gramma...

Menguasai Bahasa Inggeris
Dibaca : 1011

Home Furniture Design

10 May 2010 03:30

If you want your new project home furniture decoration without any problem, you must have a plan that is under way to decorate your old house or new house. If you do ...

Dibaca : 247

$ 86,400

9 May 2010 19:45

My teacher handed me this piece of paper during one of our class on Friday. I want to share this with you guys and I do hope you all enjoy or at ...

Nicky James
Dibaca : 186

Fair Play

9 May 2010 14:53

Nope! It has nothing to do with soon coming World Cup. Sorry, fellas! Professor Horace Slughorn, Harry Potter’s Sixth Year Potion teacher, once stated that a teacher should never have favorite. Fra...

Erni Dewi
Dibaca : 134


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