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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014


Being 90’s Children Was so Great!

6 jam lalu

Being 90’s children can be said as a blessing! Yeah, 90o’s childhood was full of so many traditional games. We didn’t recognize very well such modern and hi-tech games at that time. ...

Rahma Nugrahaini
Dibaca : 20

Kim Kardashian et Amber Rose fêtent leur …

22 October 2014 13:19

Une année de plus pour Kim Kardashian et Amber Rose qui soufflent leurs bougies aujourd’hui. Les deux mamans célèbrent leur anniversaire ce 21 octobre 2014, 34 ans pour Kim Kardashian, 31 ans...

Genevre Garreau
Dibaca : 14

Belajar Ungkapan (Idiom) Amerika - Part 2

22 October 2014 12:28

Berikut ini beberapa idiom yang sering digunakan dalam bahasa harian di Amerika. Mari di baca untuk menambah wawasan bahasa Inggris. Memahami banyak idiom dalam bahasa Inggris sangat bermanfaat ketika...

Dibaca : 30

Belajar Ungkapan (Idiom) Amerika

22 October 2014 09:35

Belajar bahasa Inggris tidak cukup hanya dengan memhami tata bahasa (grammar), mengetahui beberapa ungkapan yang lazim digunakan juga wawasan yang perlu di gali. Kemampuan berbahasa dengan memakai ung...

Dibaca : 30

Tutszilla Browser, Reliable Connection

22 October 2014 03:47

Your Windows, Android, and other woods Are not necessarily familiar with this one Internet browser, the browser is quite capable Share ofsurplus assets, Indeed there are many browsers diluaran Web Tut...

Muhammad Ichwan
Dibaca : 17

Trans TV, Raffi Is Not Our Prince!

21 October 2014 10:03

FOR two days in a row with more than 10 hours on each, Trans TV Station broadcast Raffi Ahmad’s wedding ceremony, live. I have to antecede “live” with a comma, for this ...

Gilang Parahita
Dibaca : 533

What Teaching is All About

21 October 2014 09:35

As a student struggling with my own learning, I always thought that learning process occurs mostly in classroom. I didn’t seem to understand why and how should I learn something, neither did ...

Dibaca : 11

Lucky Number Seven

21 October 2014 09:09

Actually I do not know from where the tagline of the title of my composition comes from. However that tagline has enormous meaning for Indonesian people at the moment because on 20 ...

Rangga Kresna
Dibaca : 27

Inaugural Speech of 7th President of The …

20 October 2014 23:14

Inaugural Speech of 7th President of The Republic of Indonesia (Various official religious greetings) The honorable chairmen and members of People’s Consultative Assembly; The honorable Vice Preside...

Andre Panzer
Dibaca : 7

Why You Should Visit Jambi

20 October 2014 10:23

Why You Should Visit Jambi Jambi is the origin of Malay people, that is to say, the Kingdom of Malay that is situated in Batang Hari Regency Jambi. The Malay Language in ...

Laser Romios
Dibaca : 9

Mister Maker, Make It Show in Jakarta

20 October 2014 08:49

Sunday (19/10/2014) at Gandaria City - South Jakarta, Mister Maker has become the center of attention in the mall. The occasion held great significance, as it not only conducted in Jakarta, but ...

Putu Djuanta
Dibaca : 29

“The Painting”

19 October 2014 17:36

I’d never thought it would’ve happened to me. It all started from my extreme exhaustion from reality. A real-life suffocation. I’d just got fired from my job. Not only that, my girl...

Ruby Astari
Dibaca : 6

Jokowi: From Rags to RI 1

19 October 2014 16:33

Americans proudly call their nation a land of opportunity where ‘the pursuit of happiness’ is enshrined in US Declaration of Independence and American Dream is cherished. Australia prides herself...

Hendra Makgawinata
Dibaca : 135

What’s on Pasar Baru, Jakarta?

19 October 2014 06:20

A wonderful daylight. I went to Pasar Baru to buy clothing material to make a new dress. When I shopping at Pasar Baru, I like being on vacation. Because Pasar Baru recorded ...

Puri Areta
Dibaca : 48

Quantity Time vs Quality Time

16 October 2014 07:26

My nephew asked in Bahasa : “ Cici, kenapa ga libur sich ? “ – I answered : “ Cici liburnya malem “ .. On the other day, my nephew asked again ...

Nucifera Diahpangastuti, S.kom
Dibaca : 19

A Video That Wakes Me Up

14 October 2014 16:52

Here I am, writing again. Two years have passed, since my last writing. Now, I got my mood and interest again, just right after I saw a video. It’s not a special ...

Hafid Hasianto
Dibaca : 6

BI Rate at 7.5%, Advantages or …

14 October 2014 10:00

In the first part of this analysis, I discussed the effects of BI rate at 7.5% to inflation and real sectors. At the second part, I am discussing about the effects of ...

Rangga Kresna
Dibaca : 43

The Bliss of Food Travelling

13 October 2014 15:18

As one might have known, food is a primary source of energy in order to live and survive. But for a number of us, eating has evolved into a way of a ...

Wirandra Reyhan Janitra
Dibaca : 6

I Am Not That Kind of A Man

13 October 2014 13:00

I am not that kind of a man. I am just the man who will and strives to be always productive. Produce my efforts at some kinds of activities. I just realize ...

Dibaca : 29

False Leaders

13 October 2014 10:59

True intelligence lies in knowing what others don’t know. Surya Paloh knows this and that make him twice as smart as the know-it-alls. True enough, not only he is smart, but he ...

Dibaca : 27


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